Meet the Team

Marc Sydnor
Director of Development, Apex Clean Energy

Marc Sydnor is a seasoned energy professional and a consultant in energy development and energy policy. He has wide ranging and deep expertise in renewable and conventional energy resources. Marc has strong experience in developing strategies and advocating for policy positions for clients and companies in regulatory forums at federal and state levels, and experience in policy analysis at the international level.

Domestically, Marc has consulted with independent power providers, founded a wind energy start up, was employed at a solar energy start up and worked with utilities. Marc has significant operating skills in designing internal corporate processes to permit, secure, and divest energy projects, with experience ranging from green field developments to compliance. For example, in less than two years his corporate process modifications expanded a client's project throughput from 1-2 energy projects to over 20 projects per year. Proficient as a project manager he has mentored staff, managed complex budgets achieving significant results for environmental compliance activities at the Ivanpah project. Marc is also an accomplished communicator, specializing in presenting and conveying complex information and concepts.

Marc earned a PhD from the University of Denver in International Relations specializing in international political economy and public policy. His dissertation was an analytical, quantitative examination of the policy, infrastructure, market, and economic factors that influence the deployment of renewable energy in the United States.

Dylan Ikkala
Senior Development Manager, Apex Clean Energy

Dylan Ikkala has managed and lead the development process of utility-scale wind and solar projects within the SPP, MISO, and WECC regions. Dylan has always had a strong passion for clean energy sources and believes that it is the future of the energy industry as we try to reduce our carbon footprint worldwide. Dylan holds a BBA in Energy Management from the University of Oklahoma.